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(The DI Sloane Series. Book 2)

Kelly Creighton 20.11.2020

Where are the young women here? Can you even see them? 

After taking some leave, DI Harriet Sloane comes back to work at Strandtown PSNI station, East Belfast, to be faced with a murder case. A young political activist has been stabbed to death in the office of a progressive political party where she works as an intern. The killer seems to have a problem with girls, and is about to strike again.

Problems with Girls is a fast-paced detective novel that will keep you gripped till the very last word. For fans of Denise Mina.

Set in 2018, a month after the Belfast Rape Trial and the #ibelieveher rallies that took place throughout Ireland, this novel asks questions about cyberbullying, mental health and consent. 


(The DI Sloane Series. Book 1)

Kelly Creighton 27.03.2020

Someone going missing is not an event in their life but an indicator of a problem.

Detective Inspector Harriet Sloane is plagued by nightmares while someone from her past watches from a distance.

In East Belfast, local four-year-old River vanishes from his room. 

Sloane must put her own demons to bed and find the boy. Before it’s too late.

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